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hi I am ron i want to become smarter then all students but i can't even ask questions from my teacher i feel my classmates will make fun of my question so what i do tell me?

Hi Ron,

Peer pressure and fear of the opinions of others can cause one to draw back but typically, if you have the question in mind, someone else has the very same question and so you could be helping someone or the entire class including the teacher (because he/she may need to clarify or simplify the instruction).  

The only way for you to learn and become smart is by asking questions and then seeking out the answers.  If you walk away without the answer, you will be cheating yourself because you are there to learn and not necessarily make friends.  Besides, there will come a time when you will part from the students in the class and the people in the school and each of you will have to live your own lives and go down different paths.  So take advantage of this learning opportunity and take your focus off the people. Yes, asking questions and having everyone look at you does take courage but courage is not the absence of fear.  Feel the fear and remember that YOUR future is depending on you.  Ask questions and think about the fact that you are also helping everyone.    

Ps, you could also write down the question(s) that you want to ask and then speak to the teacher after class or even research the answer online.  Everything you want to know can be found on the internet by why use the internet when your teacher is readily available to help you learn.  Reach out and help yourself and others.  Best wishes.

I hope this helps.

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