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Hi Zorka,
I'm not very heat/cold tolerant. I don't like to sound sexist, but it bothers me when I see girls jogging or walking in high heat or cold weather. It makes me feel weak knowing I can't take much of either kind. Being a man, makes me think I should be much stronger. How can I get myself to not compare with these girls. I'm sick of feeling so down about this. I need good coping skills.

Hi Greg,

I don't know what you mean when you say you can't take it when you see girls jogging or walking in high heat or cold weather. Do you mean you can't tolerate extreme weather?

If that's the case why does it bother you? Maybe your system is more sensitive to these extremes. I don't think it's a gender issue. It's a body chemistry issue. For whatever reasons, different people have different tolerance levels for just about every condition. Nobody's system is the same.

I believe your dilemma is categorizing gender differences for issues that have nothing to do with gender. Start by seeing people as individuals rather than as male/female. There are times when gender matters and times when it doesn't (in cases such as this, it's irrelevant).

I hope that helps.  

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