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I am an American who is going to travel to India pretty soon. I'm just curious about what to expect while I'm there. Is there any specifics, like how to dress properly, how to greet people, what to carry with me. Sorts of that nature. I know a few hindi phrases myself. Is there anything major I should learn about Indian culture, the language? I just want to be prepared when visiting there, not to make a fool out of myself. I hope you can help.

Extremely sorry for delayed reply.
Regarding your querry: One would need to write a whole book- because answer will be very lengthy.

but if I were to give last minute tips:

1. remove footware before entering sacred places.
2. mosquito repellant cream.
3. if you have plans of visiting Kashmir etc. then i suggest you postpone because all roads blocked at the moment due to heavy rains and floods.
4. Avoid cheap looking guides, rickshaw-wallas and any stranger offering free help. usually criminals and rapists. don't even eat food given by stranger - especially in railways.
5. Stick to well lit crowded areas and famous places only.
6. Avoid street food. Even i don't eat it. easy to get sick in rainy season.
7. prefer bottled water or water from good hotel/ public place only.
8. No need for any special greeting- everyone understands good morning, evening etc.
9. Don't carry swiss knife etc. in your pocket, at airport because they'll take away from you and never return. so during air-travel, keep it in the bag. but while travelling on food/road/railways- always keep swissknife and other safety devices.
10. in the wallet, keep notes of 500, 100, 50, 20 and 10s. most of the transactions can be covered within 100s and 500s. if someone asks large sum (say for sovenuirs- they're usually overcharging).

Please note down these phone numbers:
Police number is "100". (like your 911)
Women helpline number "181"
Ambulance is "108" (for Gujarat state)

When you're in India, and need any additional infomration / querry, you may call me on ____. (i don't want to get my mobile number published here on this public forum. so drop me an email on  "" and I'll tell you the number.)

best wishes and happy journey.
PS: don't be scarred or demotivated because of my tips- they're only for precaution. otherwise by and large Indian is a great country.

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Since last 5 years, I surf all Indian and International news channels every 2-3 hours a day. Also I read a lot books on Govt, administration,law and order politics and History of India.


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