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J wrote at 2008-01-13 23:46:34
Hello, my surname is Maragh. As I understand it, Maragh is the English translation of Maharaj.

^E wrote at 2008-05-23 03:22:01
I was told that it was actually derived from Maharaja, it was modified when the family migrated from India

TJ wrote at 2008-07-13 19:45:01
The dancehall artist Super Cat has that last name.  He's half-indian and his full name is William MARAGH

demarose wrote at 2008-10-12 19:42:25
My last name is also Maragh, we are from Jamaica, it is my understanding that the dancehall artist Super Cat may be a distant cousin of mine.  I have not been able to verify that.  I spoke with one of my elder uncles who knew my great grand parents, he also stated that when our family migrated the names where misspelled and that it is some variation of Maharaja.  When my family migrated to the United States Immigration further misspelled our names and now we all have different spellings such as, Maragh, Mahragh, Marajah, and I beleive Mahrajah.  

Now this is funny that your mother's maiden name is Maragh and your last name is Singh because my Grandmother's maidne name is Singh.

Alok Srivastava wrote at 2008-11-12 05:43:52
Maragh is a mispelled version of MAHARAJ, these are the people who are high cast and are permitted to prepare food in religious gathering.

They are most commonly found in Jamaica among indian orgins.

rhojae' nagheer wrote at 2009-11-07 09:03:52
i got the knowledge from my great grandmother(edna maragh) that every maragh are family.we are all related if u have a maragh in your family.

Tiffany wrote at 2010-03-30 02:32:57
Maragh is an Indian last name my while families last name is maragh it means king I read that somewhere when I was looking up my last name origin a long time ago and there is another variant spelled maraj. Hope I helped a little bit :)

Rodger Maragh wrote at 2010-05-04 23:37:00
Hi, My surname is Maragh also, the name came from India, and as time went on Maragh's traveled to the West Indies, and Americas, mainly Jamaica and Florida. There are a number of Maragh's who are on the social network FaceBook. Maragh's blood have mixed in various backgrounds

Simone wrote at 2010-09-14 21:57:02
My grandmother was Lena Maragh. She was born in Westmoreland Jamaica and married Elijah Williams also from Westmoreland

S, Maragh wrote at 2010-11-30 21:24:06
My last name is Maragh, and as it has been stated multiple times it is derived from Maharaj or Maharaja, meaning king in India. I am from Jamaica, in the St. Mary providence, and I do believe all Maragh have some type of family reltaion...

Krissy wrote at 2011-01-08 09:56:53
These is no misspelling with this last name. I also have the same last name. I know that it is an Indian last name but my family moved to Jamaica. Theres a good chance that no one in my family lives in India anymore. The cool thing about this last name is there are two ways to spell it. Jamaican Indians spell their last name the way we spell Maragh and Trindadian Indians spell it Maraj. It's still pronounced the same way as our last name. There really isn't much more to know about this last name. Just know that we are descendants of Indians and for some reason it is hard to trace back to see who else are Maragh's and where in India our family come from. Who knows, we may even be related, then again maybe not. Believe it or not, Maragh is a common name in the Caribbean! Did you know that?

Andre Maragh wrote at 2011-03-01 21:01:38
Maragh's in Jamaica can be traced back to three brothers (John and William and third unknown) and one adopted sister.  This was in the late 1890's.  Both John and William were educated in England and fought in the Boer war.  They changed their traditional indian names to English names.  Both got land grants after the war in St. Mary Jamaica.  

The third brother and adopted sister travelled to join them from India a few years later.   Adopted sister move to Westmoreland where she later married a cousin from India also a Maragh.

I got this info from my great, great Uncle Samuel Maragh who lived in Linstead.   In 1995, he showed me their land grant documents as well as other documentation.   The land grants were for property in what is now called Leppo, St. Mary.  

Miss J.Maharaj wrote at 2011-05-11 13:41:47

I am from South Africa. My surname is Maharaj. I am 3rd generation from India Rajasthan....Maharaj is derived from a cast. We to date follow the Brahman rituals, and have been taught to live life according to the cast from which we derive. Although modern society has influenced us here in S.A., we still have the core values and principles of the way of life of previous generations. I am proudly Maharaj :)  

Jassie Singh wrote at 2011-06-04 20:52:34

  My family surname is Maharaj, and yes,it is derived from the term " Maha"-meaning great, and "Raja"-meaning King. Since we are Trinidadians, descended from grandparents and greatgrand-parents from India, we have been researching the link to our name, and as yet no one has been able to say how "Maharajahs" were brought here as Indentured Labourers. It has been pointed out that the term also refers to "very learned Bramhins", so the possibility exsists that we were decended from the priestly caste. As it is, all the family follows the Bramhinic priciples, but loosly.

        My reason for adding to the post is to let you know that the spelling "Mahargh or Maragh" will not be pronounced "Maha-raj or even Ma-raj", because GH is pronounced like "doG-House". "Ga-Ha". I can read Sanscrit and Hindi, and I know this to be a fact.

        It seems that in Jamaica this has not been noted. In Trinidad, because there are a lot of Bramhins who are pundits,  they read the "Holy Books"----Ramayan, Gita and the Bhagavad Puran, and we are aware of the spelling and pronounciation of this word!  

keron wrote at 2011-10-08 19:08:22
Hi,my last name is also marajah,I got the wrong spelling 2,any way herd that my grate granfather was john marajah,my mom told me,the he came from india,am on facebook,name.keron I would like 2 meet the rest of my family,and 2 learn more about our culture.

Melissa wrote at 2012-01-18 01:57:33
Hi I am originally from Belize and our great grand mom was from India and when they migrated one of the brothers went to Jamaica,one went to England- one went to Trindad and Belize we would like to get in contact with them,the elders use to spell the name Maraje and Marage,it will be nice to know my other family,so please let me know if are aware of this same history.  Thank you.  

Ramon wrote at 2012-03-18 14:42:39
Hi Melissa - I am from Jamaica. My maternal grandmother was named Lily Maragh. Information from my mother is that Lilly's father was an Indian from Mumbai/Bombay who used the English name Alfred. She knows his Indian initials as G. P. Maragh, but does not remember what the G. P. stands for. Alfred's wife was Biphi (pronounced bip-high) Williams, English name Edith. She was born in Ja, but her parents were from India. The family originally lived in Greenwich Farm and in Cockburn Penn in Ja. According to my Mom, Alfred had 7 wives and some 33 children. It will be quite a challenge verifying this last piece of detail, and I am not able to at the moment. It seems then that your GGMom's brother who went to Jamaica was Alfred. If this proves correct then we are blood-related. Can you verify from your sources if what I have told you checks out? Thanks, and looking forward to a response. Andre above also referenced an unnamed Maragh brother, who is probably again, Alfred.

DMaragh wrote at 2012-04-11 23:10:21
Hi, My Names Diamond Maragh. My Family is Jamaican-Indian My Grandpa is From Jamaica, His Name is Richard Maragh. My Great Grandparents are from India, Rose Narine  And James Maragh. They Moved to jamaica in the 50's . Then moved To the Virgin Islands, St. Croix. I Heard that our Last Name Derived from Maharaja meaning king in Hindi But as migrating to the US and places carribean islands around. It got changed to Maragh, Maraj, Maharaj, and various others. I Really love my last name it is very unique as i have grown up. But i wish i could know more about it. email me i want us to be able to share knowledge.

Melissa wrote at 2012-05-12 22:24:04
Hi Ramon, how are you? yes i asked my aunt Armead which is Alfred great grand neice,she live in Belize and that Alfred are of the same relations,maybe when i come back to JA we can get to see the rest of the family,my husband family comes from JA,they are DelMarr,keep in touch and please tell me more and i will do the same as i find out and i also found out that Nicki Minaj are also related to us by her mom side,working on more info.  How exciting.  Happy Mother's Day to all the Lovely Moms,tomarrow and everyday.  

Jackell Maragh wrote at 2012-08-16 05:36:08
My grandfathers from India I don't know where exactly but he moved to Jamaica in the saint Catherine area. He owned a liquor store before he died. If you think your related link me (: I'm Jackie Maragh on facebook.

Niahia wrote at 2013-04-23 12:49:57
Hi I'm inishia MARAGH  my dads name is Peter MARAGH or also none as Sam my uncle is Cesil MARAGH my dads mothers last name is solan I just want some background on my family tree I don't know my dads fathers name except MARAGH his wife's name is Ivy MARAGH  

Niahia wrote at 2013-04-23 12:53:36
Hi I'm inishia MARAGH  my dads name is Peter MARAGH or also none as Sam my uncle is Cesil MARAGH my dads mothers last name is solan I just want some background on my family tree I don't know my dads fathers name except MARAGH his wife's name is Ivy MARAGH  

Andre wrote at 2013-07-04 22:59:16
Hi my name is Andre maragh I was born in Jamaica st Thomas my dad name is Sidney maragh or junior maragh. I see that there is a lot of maragh's and one with my name I don't kwon my dad's side of the family but researching it now if anyone can help my Email is .  

Ranni wrote at 2013-10-27 04:16:10
Hello, my last name is MAHARAJ. I am an Indo-Trinidadian with some Jamaican relations. It is my understanding that all Maragh, Maharaj, Maraj, Maharajh, Marajh and whatever other variation that exists are related (very distantly at this point). In Trinidad, Maragh is not so commonly seen, but I have met many Jamaicans with this variation of the name.

I believe my mother is also related to some Jamaican Tewaris, if anyone happens to have any knowledge of them, that would be helpful.  

John Adriatico wrote at 2015-04-22 06:49:34
My grandmother was Anna Mabel (May) Maragh from Spanish Town, Jamaica. She was an orphan, and according to my DNA test, was of part English descent.

The surname "Maragh" is a condensation of Maharaja. Interestingly enough, Nicki Minaj's real name is Onika Maraj.

danny wrote at 2015-06-06 23:20:14
my mom last name lackasingh but her brother my uncle said are real last name is maraghs

ak wrote at 2015-10-27 20:13:49
There was a great king in India named Shivaji Maharaj.....chances is....most of the surnames that are similar originate from it..........not higher class not lower class rather a person that serves others..... "in the service of others"....

Simon maragh wrote at 2016-11-16 03:42:13
My uncle is also a maragh and we are from Jamaica also

My grandmother also told me he is a distant relative of Supercat

We reside in Florida too  

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