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I wondered how safe it is to eat curry from street stalls when they have it lukewarm in a pot and then reheat it in a frying pan for about 20 seconds and it is still only barely warm.

ANSWER: Geraldine - I personally think it is very safe to eat from the street stalls as it is normally very fresh.  If you want to have it heated more thoroughly, just ask the vendor to do so. Even with a young child and older parents, we ate everything from street stalls and never had any problems.  Bon appetit!

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Thanks for your reply. I thought that reheating meat meant it had to actually boil up for 5 or 10 minutes so that it had reached boiling point and had all bacteria would be killed.

As long as the turnover of the food is high and it has been cooked properly in the first place, reheating to the boiling point is not necessary and will also toughen the meat.  Meat is probably one of the safer items to eat as fresh fruit and vegetables will often have been rinsed in tap water, which contain local bacteria that some visiting persons have not had time to acclimate to. In general, try not to mix too many new foods at once and introduce a small amount of fresh produce every day. Make sure you try the ''chaat'' as a favorite street food. Bananas and oranges and mangoes are also generally very safe.

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