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Hi dina!
My wife cannot cook rice in chicken. All rice stick with each other. I want each grain of rice separate. I brought her vvv good quality of rice but she cant cook it properly. Tell me complet way to cook tasty rice.
She and I both will b very happy. If u want to give extra advice to her regarding cooking then it will be my pleasure.

Hi Syed,
Cooking rice perfectly is not easy and takes practice.  The most important step is that she will need to rinse the rice many times before cooking.  This will remove the starch, which is what makes the rice sticky. She should rinse the grains in fresh batches of cold water until the water is perfectly clear, maybe up to 10-12 times.  Depending on the rice brand and grain, she will need to get the water ratio correct - it is usually 1 cup of rice needs 1.5 to 1.75 the amount of water. Make sure the pot is heavy with a thick bottom and has a tight lid.  After the rice has finished cooking (about 15 minutes), it should rest for another 10-15 minutes with the lid on.  The steam will finish cooking the rice.

Be patient with your wife - let her practice her cooking and she will find her own way!

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