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Is it possible that Gauri Sati could symbolically be a person who is away from Bharata?  It appears that Indonesian Hindus brought Sanskrit teachings to Australian Aboriginals several centuries ago.
In Bundjalung legend, (east Australia) a ship arrived from Ngareenbeil. The names in the story are from Old Balinese language._ Dr Darma Putra. UQld. There are about 600 loanwords from Indonesia in north Australian languages._Dr McC Taylor. ANU.
The teaching about Gauri Parvati may be connected with this island, north of Bundjalung:
[ _"The earliest known name of the island is 'K'gari' in the Butchulla people's language (pronounced 'Gurri'). It means paradise.[5]
According to Aboriginal legend, when humans were created and needed a place to live, the mighty god Beiral sent his messenger Yendingie with the goddess K’gari down from heaven to create the land and mountains, rivers and sea. K’gari fell in love with the earth’s beauty and did not want to leave it. So Yendingie changed her into a heavenly island – Fraser Island."
"But Butchulla elder Mackie Burns, who has campaigned for decades to rename the island, believes while the battle is over the war is not yet won.
“I feel good that it has been made official,” Mr Burns said. “But when it is just called K'gari, not Fraser Island, I'll feel even better.”
He said the Butchulla name came from legends about the princess k'gari, pronounced "gurri", who did not want to leave the beautiful area so was transformed into the island itself.

गौर gaura  fair   
गौर gaura  white  
गौर gaura  pale red   
गौर gaura  clean   
गौर gaura  shining   
गौर gaura  splendorous   
गौर gaura  beautiful  
गौर gaura  brilliant Goddess, wife of Shiva.

fraser island - fraser island lake mckenzie
, its crystal clear fresh water, the surrounding pure white sand on its ...
( Parvati Gauri was washed in the snow of the Himalaya by Shiva).

Parvata is one of the Sanskrit words for "mountain"; "Parvati" translates to "She of the mountains" and refers to Parvati being born the daughter of Himavan, lord of the mountains and the personification of the Himalayas. She is also known by a number of other names, including Ambika (mother), Gauri (golden, fair), Aparna, the maternal epithet Mataji, . She is the Mother of all Gods and Goddesses, of all humanity and Creation itself.  She is every other Goddess, as well. When we worship any Goddess, or even any God for that matter, we are ultimately worshiping Her.

Parvati is Shakti's (i.e. the Divine Feminine's) second incarnation as wife to Shiva. After Shiva's first wife, Sati  Gauri, died, Her divine body parts were strewn all over India (all the places where parts landed became Shakti pithas, or "seats of the Goddess," which are now sites of Devi temples) --  And so the gods prayed to Shakti Gauri to incarnate once again and turn Shiva back to the world, thereby restoring Cosmic balance and saving the world. Shakti agreed, and thereupon took birth as Parvati, Daughter of Himavan, Lord of the Mountains.

Of course, She grew up to be a stunningly beautiful, charming and alluring woman -- of Love and Longing, who transformed Shiva's cave into a sensuous pleasure garden, filled with fragrant flowers, exotic birdsongs and buzzing honeybees...]
What do you think?

Hi John,

You may be quite right on this theory, have a look at this :

When we study the ancient Celtic gods like Norse Odin and the Celtic Cernunnos we cannot miss some similarities between them and Shiva.



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