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This is my reply to my question before with a few more concerns/questions. Thank you for replying. I appreciate it.
I am deciding to go ahead for a long term relationship because i know (hope) that it will be worth it. The thing is I can't just play it cool since I have already told my Mom hence all the problems. They are not just letting it settle down.. they keep asking me to choose between family and him and won't accept both as an answer. I have just finished my exams so my Mom is going to bring it up again and my sister is soon to be home as well, and she agrees with my Mom. I know there is a huge battle but I'm not sure how to fight it and get through to them. I love my family. In your opinion, what do you think the smart and wise thing would be? Love takes over, it's amazing because before I'd never thought it would be a hard decision and family would come first but he has become a part of my family.
In terms of his family, I have been getting to know them for almost an year now, and they have "taken me into the family". I am very close with his Mom, Dad and his brother. His Mom talks to me about marrying her son, etc as well. We are close.
Thank you for your time.

This is a sad situation to be in and yes, families do have orthodox views when it comes to religion. You will have to fight a huge battle if you do decide to go ahead for a long term relationship with him. You are 18, just play it cool for a while till you and he are both settled and have planned a career. Also start judging that even if religions differ, do your views/ideas/lifestyles match? For a relationship to last, you have to respect and love each other. Start getting to know his family and whether they would accept you?

Hi Lola,

You are 18 and am sure have decided on a deadline for getting married. It's not likely to happen till you both are well settled in your career, so you will have to bide time till then. Next time your family broaches this topic, tell them that you don't want to discuss it just yet. You can pretend that on their advice you are taking it slow and concentrating on studies! This will give you ample time to plan a strategy and also get to know him and his ideas better. But even 4-5 yrs down the line, the religion thing will raise its ugly head so be prepared to chose him over your family. By then you would have a  fair idea if he is your true soul-mate.



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