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I have been dating this guy, he is Muslim and i am Hindu. I'm not religious. I told my Mom and she is dead against it, giving me an ultimatum (family or him). I am 18 and it's not a normal relationship, but I guess everyone tends to say that. I am from India and he is from Bangladesh.
What can I do? I really don't want to give him up. I really thought they'd understand, not right away.. but eventually. They don't even want to get to know him and they are just assuming everything about him. They are shocked that I'd even compare him to family. How do I tell them, and I'm not leaving him. They say if I do that, I'd steal everyone's happiness away. But if I listen, I'd still my own happiness and I'm not leaving them for him if they accept it. I just want it all to work out, and want them to understand that the feeling of love means a lot, and can be compared to family. I also don't think religion or culture should be divisions for people. I want to change their minds, and stand for what i believe in. BUt they said that's not going to happen.

Hi Lola,

This is a sad situation to be in and yes, families do have orthodox views when it comes to religion. You will have to fight a huge battle if you do decide to go ahead for a long term relationship with him. You are 18, just play it cool for a while till you and he are both settled and have planned a career. Also start judging that even if religions differ, do your views/ideas/lifestyles match? For a relationship to last, you have to respect and love each other. Start getting to know his family and whether they would accept you?



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