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Hi vani,
I am an african muslim guy who saw a couple of indian women online. on marriage sites and other site. to be honest, I find indian women are quite very beautiful, lovely, kind and charming. I think about marrying an indian woman but I really don't know how they will be as housewives. In my african community a wife should have three major features:
1- Must be kind, loving, and obedient to her husband. Moreover, have respect to his parents and family.
2- Must know to do her homework(cooking, washing, and taking care of children).
3- Must be decent, righteous ,honest and pious.
Can i find these characters in Indian muslim women?
One more thing: How do muslim indian women deal with the polygamy issue? I mean living with a polygamous husband?
Thank you and sorry for prolongation

Hi Tariq,

Most women would fit the 3 requirements but if you really want to marry an Indian woman you need to meet her and her family before you make up your mind. No woman can tolerate polygamy or cheating, so on that count you need to assure her of your fidelity.



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