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My brother who lives in the states married a women from India.  Don't get me wrong we love her dearly.  She is very strong willed which we have overcome and accepted.  She has just recently posted on Facebook about my brother is 2nd in command in the marriage that she is first.  Many of her friends have liked the comment along with their little girl stating the same.  Is this the tradition in your culture.  Please help me understand.  I am not saying my brother is in command I am saying it is equal in our eyes.  If you could let me know what your culture is I would greatly appreciate it. So I can more understand and not feel like she is belittling by brother.

Hi Denise,

It could possible be a personal joke between the two of them but it was immature to post it on Facebook. There is no hard and fast rule in Indian culture about who takes charge, yes more often than not it's the husband especially if the wife is not working. Hope this helps.



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