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I trust this letter finds you well.  I am an attorney specializing in Immigration Law, and I have a very important trial next week that requires the opinion on an Indian Anthropologist or academic on the subject.

Specifically, we want to prove to the Court that a citizen of India that has committed a very serious crime in the United States, in this case a drug crime, brings great dishonor to his family in India, and if deported to India, could be subjected to an Honor Killing because of the crime.

I am in dire need of your assistance, and my client is willing to pay for the services you or one of your esteemed members may provide.  Please reply to this message as promptly as possible.

Hello Arturo,

Sincere apologies for the delay, hope the case came up for hearing and your client won't be deported. I am not a legal expert but the fact is that Indian laws are pretty much soft on a lot of crimes and this one for sure wouldn't lead to an honour killing in India. If you were to read about cases of honour killings, you'd realise that majority happen in rural areas. More often than not they have taken place when inter caste or inter faith love marriages happen.  I wish you luck on this case.



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