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HI Vani,
I have been with my indian girlfriend for the last two years now we met in university and everything was going great, until a few months ago when she told her mom about me (white guy). Two days later she skyped me and told me that her mom had thought about it for two days she told my girlfriend to break up with me. The problem is that we are very much in love and we are both from very good families. I don't want her to get to choose between her parents and me and I don't want her father to hurt her or worse! is there anyway her dad can be convinced?
my girlfriend and I are both bin medical school and she has been living in northamerica for her entire life!
Any advise are really appreciated.

Thank you
Desperate guy

Hi Ken,

If her family is orthodox there is precious little that can be done to make them accept you. But if they are against this marriage just due to a bias or they resent the fact that they didn't choose her partner, you can patiently try and convince them. The first step would be to go and meet them face to face and have an honest chat. Let them know that you both know each other well and are prepared to take this further. Talk about your family, about your upbringing, education. Here come the glorious words that will do the trick --  ''I want to be a part of your family and not snatch your daughter away. We want your blessings and we will wait patiently till you see that how much I love your daughter. I know you have raised her like a princess and believe me I will treat her like a queen. I won't let tears come to her eyes ever.'' Sorry but you will have to play this subtly :-)

Best of luck,


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