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Arun wrote at 2009-05-14 21:25:43
Hello Javed,

  i relocated from a different place as i got job in Daksh.(BPO) after 10 days i found that the company was not treating me properly and the opertunities for that particular program to grow was almost nil. was totally disappointer could not quit in a formal way. so i was forced to leave without any notice and i joined a different company.. will this affect me at any point of time? will i get terminated from my present employer at any chance..? bit concerned about NASCOM as well.. please advice..

Aakash Joy wrote at 2015-01-02 09:52:21
Hi Javed,

First you should ask to your HR department from you conduct my employment verification after 16 month. You can also ask to your last employer client to please provide me a letter. After that i you won't get any way to prove himself then looking for new company that you are already mention it.


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