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I am having immovable properties in different states of India and am staying in Pune,  I want to register my will for the same should I make seperate wills and register at different register offices or I can make one will for the same and register in Pune

Thomas: Thanks for your referral.

Basically, will is not legally required to be registered.

A will can be valid even without registration.  

However, it is advisable to register it as then it becomes easy to prove it in future.

Legally, you can make a single will covering all properties and register it at any place.

If you are a resident of Pune, the natural place where you should register a will is Pune.

There is no legal  compulsion to make separate wills property place wise and register the same at each such places.

You may however, make a single will covering all properties in several originals and register one original each at all the places where the properties are situated. While this is possible, it is not legally compulsory. It will also be a tedious exercise, though it may add some value.

Practical suggestion hence is you should make a single will in writing with 2 witnesses covering all properties and register it at Pune.

Trust, this helps.

Best Regards.

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