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hello sir..
im working as a resident medical officer in a very reputed hospital in mumbai since 2 pregnant and plan to take maternity leave..according to the HR DEPT as im a junior medical staff and im treated as retainer and not an employee therefore im not entitled to get any maternity leave and benefits..they have agreed to give me leave for the time period my HOD approves which my HOD has,for 3 i have been granted leve but that is loss of pay leave..but im on the payroll of the salary slip shows my salary as proffessional fees for that particular month approx 37 thousand....there are no deuctions made for PF or anything else except TDS and do i convince and what arguement should i put forward if i want to claim for maternity leave without loss of pay as i dont want to get a lawyer to sort things  as i intend to continue work here...


Thanks for your referral.

Appears your employer is trying to avoid giving you due benefit. If you are in continueous service for 2 years, then you are as good as a regular employee and should be given benefit of paid maternity leave of 12 weeks in terms of MATERNITY BENEFITS ACT, 1961.

Suggest to point out the above politely to your employer and also submit the same in writing and formally apply for maternity leave. You may have to pursue this with the management of the employer with the help of other employees.

My sense is, if you do the above, its likely that your employer will grant you the maternity leave. If not, write here again and would be happy to help further.

Best Wishes to you and your child!!!

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