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Bali Fabric
Bali Fabric  
Our son purchased what he calls a Bali Blanket in Bali several years ago.  He asked me to search for another one or something similar.  I have attached a photo.  He describes it as a Double Ikat.  The size is approx. 36"x72".  What is the name of the design on the fabric?  Can you find one?  At what price?  Any help would be appreciated.

Hi, Larry and my apologies for the delay.  Hope I'm not bursting any bubbles here but what your son bought is a machine made (usually made in Java) souvenir blanket that is the look of ikat (not double ikat).  Ikat means to tie or bind, and the authentic ones in this pattern are dual image (top and bottom since the undyed threads folded over and are "wrapped" to resist dye).  This pattern is a derivative of one found on the neighboring island of Sumba (which makes their own stunning, expensive, authentic blankets...well actually, sarongs).  True double ikat (expensive) is from Bali, more of a star type motif and called double ikat because the resist is done on the warp and weft.  I hope your son did not pay the double ikat price for his blanket.  His should've cost about $10 USD.   Since it's a nice looking motif, but mostly made for the tourist market, I don't know where you could find it here.
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