Indoor Air Quality/concrete block odor??


Robert wrote at 2011-05-05 13:47:07
Have exactly the same problem in our 20yr. ol bungallo near Toronto. We moved in last year and find a smell that is almost like wet drywall. We found a small amount of water damage in a corner basement bedroom due to a faulty evestrough downpipe and renovated that room. We still have the smell in other areas of the house, predominatly in our bedroom on the main level.

Beginning to think that the basement block receiving & retaining water and wafting the smell up through the walls but can't find a single person that knows anything about that! I'm debating doing a full excavation & seal down to the footings and am cringing at what it will cost me...

Looking forward to hearing how you make out.

Mary wrote at 2013-11-26 20:45:44
I'm having the same problem.  I'm in South FL near West Palm.  My house was built in 2001 and that bad odor is in one corner of the room facing south.  Smell sounds just like mine.  We've removed dry wall twice and the 2nd time used a product called Zinsser Primer on the concrete block walls in that corner...floor to ceiling.  Just did this nov. 24, smell still there.  We also removed the firing strips which smelled bad too.  Wall was open 6 weeks first time, this past summer and 3 days this time.  So frustrating!!!!  Don't want to put drywall on again til smell is gone.  Any more ideas?  Thanks!

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