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Indoor Air Quality/Petroleum ( oil) smell in two parts of house


I am really a t a loss. When you walk into my house from the front or from the garage there is a petroleum ( oil) smell that permeates the area. ( if i come through a back door its not detectable). I have a crawl space and insulation was just put in ( not foam, just rolls) yesterday as well. The company said it wasnt their product and even came back today to help ventilate the crawl space, just in case. Just as a note, we are in the hurricane area. None of our neighbors have oil burning heat, and neither do we. It was checked , and its not a natural gas leak either. We have checked our whole house and see nothing. We checked below ( crawl space) and above (attic) and see nothing obvious. We havent painted anything or done any other work
Any suggestions...

Hi Cindy,

Did that odor only happen after the insulation was installed or was it lingering around before the insulation work was done?

If you could answer that for'll help me better answer your question...thanks for understanding. And if you have any additional info, that would be great as well. I look forward to your response back.

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