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I work in a clothes store and upstairs there is a warehouse. To get into and to get out this warehouse you must go trough a door which is always closed by a electromechanical system and you must show your finger to get the door opened. It is due the workers sometimes steal clothes from this warehouse. What if there is a fire ? what if it does not work properly? What if  worker suffers from a claustrophobic attack? It is supposed that when the electricity fails the door gets liberated immediately, but there could be a fire and also a failing system..
What is your opinion about this antithieft system?
Thank you

Hello Aurax,
I apologize for the delayed response. I was on vacation all last week and did not check email. So to answer your question it seems like you are asking my opinion regarding the antitheft system as it pertains to employee safety. You certainly bring up a good point about emergencies which are not considered normal operation and thus the system as described could embed existing out the store.
I would recommend you check with your local fire department regarding emergency life safety procedures to see if there is an issue. The main thought that comes to mind is a component that should already be part of the system. If not it may be an area of follow up. There should be an emergency over -ride button that allows an employee to bypass the system in the event of an emergency. Normally this would trigger an audible alarm and can only be shut down be designated personnel.  So if you do have this system it may be just a case of employee education.

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