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Industrial Health and Safety/proper disposal of Perchloric acid titration waste


I work in a laboratory. I do Assay of sodium benzoate, acesulfame potassium, potssium sorbate, vitamin B1, niacinmide,etc. which all make use of 0.1N perchloric acid as titrant and crystal violet TS as indicator.  Diluents are usually glacial acetic acid alone and sometimes in combination with 96% formic acid or acetic anhydride or benzene.  Aside from seeking a waste transporter, what is the safest way to dispose wastes of these kind of laboratory work?

I will have to qualify my answer as it depends on regional or national regulations. There are some lab waste you have identified that can be diluted or neutralized to a pH 7 and can be flushed down the drain. Spent titration solutions for example may be flushed down the drain if diluted with plenty of water. Acetic Anhydride in small amounts may be acceptable for sanitary sewer disposal after being neutralized to pH 7. Dilute formic acid can be flushed down a sink with a large quantity of water, unless local rules prohibit this. However, larger amounts should be neutralized before disposal. Benzene is another issue altogether. Within the  benzene is a Listed Waste and cannot be disposed of down the sewer. Also, if it is mixed with other wastes then the mixture becomes a hazardous waste and must be properly disposed. So the best choice if possible is the keep the hazardous waste separate from the non-hazardous.  A “reference only” source that may be helpful is All of this is of course depends upon your regional or national regulations.  

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