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Hello, I have a question about the demolition of a 1964 hospital in my hometown. The contractor, a reputable regional company, has done asbestos abatement on the interior, but I was curious if any of the exterior surfaces could possibly contain asbestos, in particular the mortar used for the brick laying. It typically makes a heck of a dust cloud when these buildings are razed, and I can't seem to find a decent answer on the web. Thanks!


We rarely find asbestos in mortar.  Any suspect materials should be sampled and analyzed by a certified laboratory prior to the demolition.  Normally, prior to granting a demolition permit, the municipal authority will require a full asbestos survey of the building (including the exterior), and abatement of any asbestos-containing materials that were found.  

You could inquire a to whether such a survey was completed.  Typical exterior suspect materials include roofing, flashing, caulks, exterior plasters, stucco, glazing compound, and quite a few others.

Much of the dust produced during demolition will contain silica, which has it's own set of problems.  Ideally, the building will be fully wetted by large fire hoses during this stage, to supress dust.

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