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My next door neighbors are tenting with Vikane. When the tent comes off and the pesticide is released into the air what is our exposure/danger?  Can that tent really be airtight?  Is the pesticide only in the house or do they release some to the exterior of the home?We are 10-15 feet from them.  Thank you.

Hi Shelly,
You will be fine. The tent ventilates normally even if folks say it is air tight. The amount released is so minute that you are in no danger. When the pesticide hits the air it is diluted immediately. You would need to be inside the tent for quite some time before you would feel any ill effects. If you feel uncomfortable with the air when they take down the tent find out what day they are taking it down and go to a movie that day. Even at 10-15 feet away I don't think it is possible to have enough Vikane to do any damage. Remember it is the federal government who says the stuff is dangerous in substantial amounts. So is Nitros Oxide but when we go to the dentist I make him turn it up all the way. Hmmmm wonder why I can't buy the stuff in quantity? LOL
Anyway, you will be OK even if you stay home when they remove the tent.
Good luck.

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