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We have not been able to conceive so we decided to get some help with an infertility specialist. This is my second month at trying by taking clomid, an injection then progesterone suppository and success is not yet in sight.  I was told that my uterus lining is thin and have measured below 6mm during each trial month. My question and concern is if there is anything that could make my lining thicker so that the egg is able to implant itself and allow for pregnancy to take place.I know that I do not have time on my side due to my age and not so sure if I want to repeat this process or move on to another method.  Don't know if another method is useful due to my thin lining results.

Hello Suzie from the U.S.(Missouri),

Clomid is an estrogen receptor blocker, and if you are seeing a competent fertility specialist, they should know this.  As a result, a side effect of the medication is that it can block the estrogen receptors in the endometrium and lead to a thinned endometrium.  For that reason, I do not use Clomid in consecutive months because it adds up.

One thing you can do is add estrogen vaginal tablets such as estrace tabs used vaginally, or any other estrogen tablet, but used vaginally, or you can use a vaginal gel or an estrogen patch.  The amount of estrogen used is higher than what is used in normal hormone replacement.  The other thing you can do is alternate Clomid with another ovulation medications called Letrozole (Femara), which doesn't have the endometrial thinning side effects that Clomid has.

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