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Hi, Me & my husband are TTC since2.5 yrs now but nevr successful. I did my Follicle test 2 mnths and due to hormonal imbalance was put on Novelon for 2 mtnhs then out of frustration stopped visit the doc. Now my husband did the Semen analysis. Hs count is 40ml and liquidation time was 20mins. Motility however was 30% progressive & 70% non motile & morphology or something is 19% normal. So is this normal & can i concieve naturally? Is there something to be bothered about. ALso I really dont knw if I have ever concieved in the past & had an early miscarriage. Can the Gyn/ob actually by doing an exam tell me if I have ever concieved or not at all?

Thanks for your time.

Hello Shalet from India,

I presume that the count is 40 million/ml and not "40 ml".  If that is the case, the only abnormality is the motility (30%) but since the total motile count is 12 million, that should be sufficient for achieving a pregnancy.  If you were my patient, however, I would probably recommend that you consider IUI treatment.

In terms of your second question, if a miscarriage occurred in the past, then it is too late to determine if you were pregnant or not.

Finally, I think that part of your problem is that you have not undergone a complete infertility evaluation so that not every part of the reproductive system has been checked.  There are 10 tests that are done to check a woman's fertility, of which the semen analysis is only one.  I would strongly recommend that you see an infertility specialist, NOT your general doctor or general Ob/Gyn doctor, if you can.  An infertility specialist can be found by asking if the doctor does IVF, because only an infertility subspecialist can do IVF.

Good Luck,

Dr. Edward J. Ramirez, M.D., FACOG
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The Fertility and Gynecology Center
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Monterey, California, U.S.A.

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