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I recently had a d&c for a blighted ovum pregnancy. It was my first and took us 7 months to concieve. I always have regular 28 day cycles. The procedure was exactly 3 weeks ago and I had very little bleeding after. I was taking home pregnancy tests to track the decline in hcg and got a negative test 3 days ago. I have been tracking my temps and using ovulation predictors/fertility monitor since the bleeding stopped and have not ovulated yet. My temps are back to their normal pre ovulation values and I have been having clear watery cervical mucus for over a week. However, no LH surge has been detected with my test strips or monitor. My monitor also decets my estrogen level which has been high, I imagine to rebuild the uterine lining. My question is, when will I likely ovulate if the procedure was 21 days ago and as of cycle day 18 I tested negative for hcg in a home test? It is two weeks after the hcg drops that you ovulate? Is it possible to have a period without ovulation post d&c? Without ovulation and the corpus luteum what triggers the lining to shed? I would like to try to conceive again and make sure my body is back on track. Thank you for your time!

ANSWER: Hi Lori,

Sorry to hear about your loss.  It's unpredictable as to when ovulation will occur after a pregnancy loss, but the average woman menstruates 4-6 weeks from her D&C (and ovulation takes place about 2 weeks before menstruation).

Yes, it's possible to have a bleed without ovulating, but it's not that common.

A woman develops a follicle, the follicle ovulates, the follicle changes into a corpus luteum, and when the corpus luteum dies (and progesterone drops), it causes uterine lining changes that result subsequently in shedding (menses).

I hope this helps,
Dr. Roseff in Boca Raton, FL
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QUESTION: Thank you so much for the response!  What I don't understand is, after the d&c procedure, it took me about 2.5 weeks to eliminate all of the hcg and test negative on a pregnancy test. Does the cycle reset from that point meaning 28 days from there? i have been taking my BBT and ovulation predictors and today at 24 days post procedure I still have not ovulated. My temps are down to my normal pre ovulation numbers. Should I expect to ovulate 2 weeks from the day I had a negative pregnancy test? Or was I suppose to ovulate 2-3 weeks from the date of the procedure and my body failed to comply? I have been having clear watery CM for over a week now but no positive LH surge. How could a period take place without ovulation and the subsequent rise and fall of progeaterone?

Clear watery mucus is an estrogen effect, and not necessarily tied in to ovulation.  Estrogen goes quite high during pregnancy and can take time to come down.

hCG takes time to clear from the body after a pregnancy is "removed" or lost.  It varies regarding how long it takes to go to zero.  Ovulation can occur while the hCG is still somewhat elevated, or it may not occur until several weeks after the hCG falls to zero (it varies).

If you had regular, monthly periods before becoming pregnant, it's likely you will menstruate once your body is "ready", and that averages 4-6 weeks after a D&C.  If you're concerned, see your doctor for a sonogram and blood (hormone) testing.

Dr. Roseff in Florida


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