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     I am 38 yrs old with a history of 2miscarrriages in the last two iam 12weeks pregnant.i had a sonography at 12 weeks which reported that
 ANTERIOR MAYOMETRIUM IN BODY AREA SHOWS 3*2CM FOCAL THICKENING.does this mean that i have adenomyosis or doctor says normal anterior mayometrium is less than 2cm
and as mine is more it could be adenomyosis or fibroid.
      sir as i am 38 yrs old do i need to take vaginal progesterone and drydogesterone till 14weeks or 12weeks is enough and sir will the progesterone help in shrinking the anterior
mayometrium to norma size.


While I can't tell you when to stop your medicines (it's illegal, since you're not my patient), I can tell you that most of the recent published literature supports taking progesterone (when indicated) until about 10 weeks gestation.

Good luck!
Dr. Roseff in Florida, USA
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QUESTION: hello sir
   thanks for your reply.sir pls tell if vaginal progesterone and drydogesterone is continued in second trimester of pregnancy will it help in shrinking the fibroids or treating adenomyosis.

Progesterone supplements are not given in the second trimester of pregnancy to treat fibroids or adenomyosis.

Dr. Roseff
Dr. Roseff - South Florida Institute for Reproductive Medicine - Boca Raton, FL
As you’re not my patient, information herein may be incomplete/inaccurate & I can't be responsible for your actions. This is for educational purposes & should never be used to replace information & care rendered by your own doctor. No part of this message may be reproduced, printed, or posted elsewhere without express written authorization of Dr. Roseff.


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