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Dear Ralf

What would be the Best approach for identifying new Data Structures which are not in the current list ?

For example : Structure, Array, Stack, Queue, List, Linked List, Graph, Map, Binary Tree, Dictionary, Hash Table etc

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Prashant S Akerkar

 this is a matter of taxonomy, i.e. the correct generalisation of a given data structure and their access algorithm.

 To give you an exaple: a array, a stack or a queue share the same principle data structure, a one dimensional list of values. They have, however, different access methods, i.e. stack: push and pop and therefore FILO ( first in last out ) or queue: enqueue and dequeue and therefore FIFO ( first in first out) etc making it possible to generalise them into individual classes.

 So, should you venture down seeking new algorithms or data structures then you would need to draft up all possible scenario of data presentation (array, linked list, double linked list, graph, etc ) and data access using CRUD (create, retrieve, update and delete). This gives you a a multi-dimensional matrix of permutations that describes all the possible combinations of data presentation and data access.  By identifying the regions not covered by our current taxonomy parameters you discover have areas not covered with the existing names. If you are lucky you may find your unique data structure and get it named after you.

 I would think that standard algorithms cover all the available data structures on modern van Neumann CPU architectures.  You may find, however, that extending the set of data presentation to new technologies ( holographic, fractal, quantum, neuronal, etc ) there may be new data structures available that are not yet covered simply since the do not fit the existing data models.

 Hope this helps.

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