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Hey, i am presently taking B.E.(computer science and engg. shortly cse).after this i am interested in doing post graduation and phd in the same field. i always wanted to work in NASA as a researcher. can you help me what should i choose in cse or in cse???what you thing is the best for me?? please guide me. many say that nasa dont take holders, they need that true?? can you give me some other way of getting into research feild.....

 sorry - I am not familiar with the NASA recruitment policies.

 In general I'd recommend to do research that is relevant in the most generic way to you. It is 3 years of work that must be interesting to you if you want to succeed.

 I firmly believe that whatever you do is not so important than how well you do it. To put it in a nutshell, if you are already interested in remote control, then being an acclaimed expert in remote control of ants (pardon the derived example) is more relevant to the NASA that an average rocket scientist. NASA can find rocket scientists anywhere. There will be only a few people that will understand what your PhD is about. But you might be just the science that's needed to make it to the Mars. Make that count for you or you might end up as overpaid sysadmin at Google (unless you like that sort of thing).

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