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Ingres/Ingres 6.4 star on SCO vs Ingres 10S on linux


I am working to modernize my old Ingres 6.4 environment.
I have running an ingres distribute database on Ingres 6.4 over SCO environment. I just want to register as link a table that resides on my new Ingres 10S server and I get this error:
E_QE0516 RQF detected a conversion error
Nothing more ...,
I can't find any information for this, nor google even actian's sites.
I am wondering if there is any compatibility configuration that I can turn on on Ingres 10s side in order to my tables get registered.




I'm so sorry but after a deep search in forums, support and source code (9.2) I found nothing relevant.

It suppose it's a compatibility issue :
I understand your Ingres 6.4 Star configuration try to map a table in a 10s, and system catalogs are different between those 2 versions.

I know this not help you very much.

Good luck


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