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Inheritance and Property Rights/Husband deceased, how do I keep the house?


Hello, my father in law passed away, and left his home to my mother in law in his will. She went to court and the title of the home is now in her name, however the Veteran (VA loan) mortgage is still under his name. How does she get it changed into her name? She was advised by a representative that she could not make payments because she wasn't on the loan which of course was incorrect, now she is 7 months behind. The mortgage payments are very manageable so she intends to pay it down. What are her options?

Whoever told her she couldn't pay on the mortgage didn't know what they were talking about.  If she doesn't pay, they'll foreclose on her it's just that simple.  As for putting the loan in her name, that's not going to happen but so what?  There is no need to change the loan to her name for any reason whatsoever.   She needs to get that loan current asap and keep it that way.  Let's hope she didn't spend the 7 months worth of payments.  It's always a good idea to get advice on such matters from lawyers and there are plenty of us running around the all experts arena.

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