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Mr. Horner,

I short-sold my home last year and am concerned about the bank chasing me down for personal liability within their 5 year limit.  I tried to be smart about it, but am not sure if I am safe.

I negotiated a $7,000 payment at the time of closing and just received my 1099-C tax form, does that mean that they have completely forgiven my debt and I can relax?

Thank you for your help.

Take a look at your contract for the short sale.  When we get involved with these we insist on a clause where there is no further liability on the owner's part.  Owing to the fact you got a 1099 they may well have had that clause in play, but you should look at your contract with them to be sure.

Next, make sure you discuss this short sale with your tax advisor as you may NOT have to pay tax on the forgiven debt.

Good luck.


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