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QUESTION: We sold our home and on our deed is ny name and my father's name.  What happens now because my father  is now deceased?

ANSWER: After the last name what is the vesting language?   a&B as joint tenants?  a&b as tenants in common?
Just a&b?

Let me know with a follow up question and I can better respond to your question.

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QUESTION: What does that mean?

You need to look at the actual recorded deed to get this information -- not a tax bill or anything else, the deed itself and if you don't have a copy, the registrar of real estate deeds in your county can sell you one for a dollar or two.  In some jurisdictions that's the county recorder;  in others it's the county court;  however if your state uses title insurance on real estate transactions, their customer service dept will give you one for free. If you're planning to sell once this is figured out your realtor of choice can also get this for you (and should for free).  Let me know when you get it what it says.

It is of extreme legal importance to your question.

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