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I live with my Gather in the house I grew up in.
It's been paid for years.
My Father made me Life Tenant in his Will.
When My Father passes on will I have to pay some sort of inheritance tax? Or any other tax?
I have been Living in the house as long as my Father, 47 years.
I live in Delaware County Pennsylvania.

No inheritance tax but are you sure about who is the life tenant?   Usually the elder parent deeds the house to the kids and reserves a life estate for himself.  You described just the opposite so I'm not sure what interest your father retained here -- if you are really a life tenant then what happens upon his death?  The house would have to go through surrogate/probate proceedings to deal with his interest, which is subject to your life estate interest.  

The usual way would be deed you the house, he reserves in himself a life estate, and upon his death you take the house free & clear of any interest of his and it need not go through court.

Take another look at the deed -- that's what counts.  

Inheritance and Property Rights

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