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Inheritance and Property Rights/items in a will vs. beneficiary


Can you add a car in your will? I realize we can put our spouses' name on the title, but our state charges about $100 to do that. Can't we just add it to our will as we make our changes now?  If that car is in just one of our names, what happens to it? Probate?

See if your motor vehicle registry (dept of motor vehicles/motor vehicle division etc) has a procedure for "non-probate transfer" of a vehicle,  In California for example, they have a form that is used if the total estate is less than $150,000;  and no probate -- and they just transfer according to what the will says. Your will can say "any motor vehicle registered in my name at death goes to......" for example.

That should work.  $100 seems pretty steep just to change a name -- they're probably soaking you for a sale-of-vehicle fee maybe?   Ask about their form and whether there is a non-probate transfer procedure.  

Inheritance and Property Rights

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