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Inlaw Relations/Husband betrayal, In-laws bullying me


me wrote at 2011-08-05 21:49:57
I think this answer is really touching and had to commenet . i feel its helped me to as im going through the same x

been there, done that, burned the t-shirt wrote at 2012-12-26 00:33:54
whatever, listen, Renee, you deserve better, if he's treating you like that then he doesn't respect you and you need to drop him for your own sake cos he's gunna drive your confidance into the ground, i've had that kind of relationship myself and it drove me close to suicide, then i dropped the arse hole right on the curb and after getting myself put right again i found someone who actually respects me and is loyal to me and now i have a beautiful 2 yr old son to him and a new baby on the way and i couldn't be happier, ok his family doesn't respect me or take me seriously(that much is no different from the scrub i dropped) but atleast my current lover sticks up for me and puts his folks in thier place when they say hurtful things about me, trust me the dude you married is totally wrong for you and you'll feel a whole lot better once you drop him and feel like you're ready to move forward, the right guy will eventually come along and you'll feel a whole new wave of happiness when he does(ofcourse, it'll be lonely for a while but it'll be worth the length of time being single in the end. x

Annie wrote at 2013-07-08 13:04:34
I am going through exactly the same - my husband puts his bullying family first!- they even discuss holidays with my children aged 2 and 7 and book them without telling me yet I'm the mother!- I then get told when all 3 of them are there that my kids are going on holiday and to put dates in my diary

!!!!- thankfully I am now divorcing my husband. I did not want to and kept making excuses for him but the in laws were affecting my health. Get out now- it is hard at first but take control and I now feel that the black cloud of the in laws has gone- such a relief but shame my husband had to sail down the river with them!!!!

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