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My fiancee and I had to move back in with his mom and step-father a little over a month ago due to a job change.  We had been over-the-road truck drivers for a year and had no home to go back to when we gave over the truck due to a number of company issues.  His mom is glad we are around for the extra help we give her and the household, while his step-father seems to think that he and I are nothing but mooches.  He spends all day drinking and smoking pot/cigarettes in their bedroom and if he sees me inside at all, he chews on me for being home.  I'm 6 months pregnant and can't get a job anywhere locally because of it.  My fiancee's mom has talked to the step-father on numerous occasions about my being at home, but he just keeps going with it.  How do I deal with the knowledge that my fiancee and I are unwelcome in his mother's home?

I think you have to bite your tongue. You are guests here and unless you can move out you are going to have to tolerate it. I would also suggest the sooner you get married the better. Do you have a ring and date? If not don't call this guy your fiancee. You unborn child needs a stable situation to come into. What you describe is not stable. I suggest that your focus be on finding another place to live and getting married.

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