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I have 1 brother in law from my husband. He has been together with his girlfriend for 6 years and has planned to marry her next year. The problem is, all my in laws donít know about this girl behavior. She is a manipulate person. Several months before I got engaged with my husband last year, she manipulates a story about my husbandís past relationship. Iíd been argued many times with my husband because of her. Besides that, I found that she isnít a faithful person. I have this evidence when she used my notebook for a social network.
In front of people, she acts like a timid person, not much talk and introvert. Only I and my husband know her real behavior. For our family, marriage is only once in a lifetime. For all this time, we kept this secret. But for the future, which is better for us? Keep silent or tell the truth to mother in law? My husband is not so close with his parent and so am I. If we want to tell her, what should we do? People will hard to believe us because their relationship is longer than us. By the time I sent this massage, I and my husband just been together for 2 years and married for 3 months. Please give us some advice. Thank you. Carol.

Hi Carol,

If you talk to your MIL would she believe you? Would your BIL just give up on this girl because you know her true side? But at the same time you need to bring this up, so talk to your MIL - you and your husband both. Explain to her that this is your viewpoint and you have nothing personal against this woman. Let your MIL take a call how she handles this future DIL.



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