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I had my brothers girlfriend living with me (at his request)for 2 years and she got close to myself, my husband, and my children. He broke up with her, but I continued my friendship with her with his blessing. But, a few months later, the girl he was dating didn't like the "ex" being friends with me. He then told me that I could no longer remain friends with her. I refused since we had gotten so close and unfortunately she treated me better than my brother and his new girlfriend. The new girlfriend has never given me a chance to get to know her and I have caught her talking bad about me. He has since proposed to the new girlfriend and are set to be married summer this year. Now, I received a text from the fiance telling me that I have to break off the friendship with the ex or she wont invite me to their wedding. I don't think it's right that they force me to stop being friends with someone just because this new girl is insecure. Beyond that, it's not fair to my children who love the ex as family. I also want to try to keep the family in tact. Please help, it's driving me crazy! How should I respond?


The right thing to do is keep your friendship and ignore your brothers current GF. It seems very immature of your brother and his GF to state you can't come to a wedding because they don't like a friend of yours. Hopefully as the wedding gets closer someone will let them know of their foolishness.

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