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HI there.
I never believed in babas/aastrologers/ffuture tellers. But after marriage I am bound to follow some stupid rules made by some babas. My parents inlaw search for all new babas every now and then to get solutions for their children which I strongly feel abnormal/unethical. Now one more baba has appeared in front of them and they are asking me to do some puja as my husband and son have got some (buri nazar). Also they asked me not to share that given mantra with anyon.wwhat should I do? I tried to tell them their is no such thing called baba puja and all but they never understand. My husband, being educated says to follow those tricks just becaz his parents want to. Please help.

Hi Neha,

Do you stay in a joint family with your inlaws? If not, then tell them you performed the Pooja and there is absolutely no harm in lying a bit if it keeps them happy, and you too. If they live with you, then it means big trouble. Your husband is not supporting you, so if you take a stand, it will only result in altercations. If you are ready for a constant squabble, then put your foot down and let them know you won't follow any Baba's advise. Best would be to follow the mumbo-jumbo, without even once believing in it. You have a right to be scientific and not agree to anything that defies logic.



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