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I am a commercial real estate agent in Fairfield County CT.
I have a site that would be great for a indoor roller skating rink.
There are none in our area at this time.
My question is, does anyone know an owner who would like to open a new facility in are area?

I'm afraid I can't answer your question as I'm not from your area.  Your best bet would be to contact all the roller rinks owners in your state to see if anyone would be interested in opening another rink.

You could also contact the Roller Skating Association, perhaps they can help you find a contact interested.  Their web site is:

Good Luck

Inline Skating and Roller Skating/Blading

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I feel I can answer most questions regarding the sport. I`m a registered Artistic Roller Skating Coach and have taught at various rinks for over 30 years. I coach competitive dance teams and teach anyone from the beginner skater up and through Gold Medal skaters.


I'm a certified coach and have credentials from both the Roller Skating Association International and USA Roller Sports which is recgonized by the US Olympic Committee.

I am certified through USA Roller Sports and the Rolling Skating Association International

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