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Hi i'm 19 and I can't find anything that fits my feet.
I have size 12 9E feet.....yes 9E. and i found one place that makes old people shoes for 9E size. I have been getting half a size bigger shoes that are well over $100 and only last one year, because the cover for the back of my ankle rubs and tears the padding, and causes rashes and blisters if I don't get new ones.
I love running and sports, so I'm getting my current shoes from new balance, and there widest size is only 6E.

I also cant find any roller skates that are my size either. I love roller skating.

Hi Gavin,
  I sympathize and understand the problems you have fitting any footwear.  Because of the width, you would have to have a custom skate boot made.   It might be best to talk to the Riedell company (or any company that makes skate boots) to get a quote for a custom boot, then save your money and order them.  I would suggest that when you talk to them ask if you would have to have a custom plate made for that boot or if they think a regular plate would fit ok?   It's best to find out ahead of time, right?

  If you love roller skating you don't want a boot that will damage your feet.   You want one that fits properly and is comfortable so you can enjoy the sport. A boot that is too narrow will cause all sorts of problems down the road.

  Google Riedell's web site and any other skate boot company that you might be interested in and get some quotes that you can compare.

  Good Luck, I'm sure in the long run, you'll be much happier.


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