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I'm trying to find skates that ride well on roads especially uneven roads; basically all roads not just smooth. I had these skates when i was 10 to 12 years old (2003-2005). They were the best skates. The could ride smooth and rough roads and a bit on grass. They look sleek on the feet and secured my ankles.  I brought some skates awhile back and I review these used skates and they originally cost around 200 dollars So I get these used skates. The wheels look good and I just had to try these skates out. first thing I notice was that it  had bad ankles support and the wheels are horrible. I was feeling the shock from the uneven road throughout my body. My teeth and ears hurt  during the short test ride. I know that I need softer wheels . I'm thinking of skates with these measurements 90mm -78-82A I really want to stay in the high 70s for the durameter. What do you think? Where can I get skates that have these requirements? I'm no where near a specialized inline skate store.

Hi Guerda,
    As long as you know what size wheel you want and what hardness you want, I would just do some research online to find exactly what you want for the best price.  I can't recommend a particular place but Google what you want in a wheel and it will send you to quite a few web sites that sell them.

Good Luck, I'm sure you will find exactly what you're looking for.


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