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I own a pair of Nike N-Dorfin Select inline skates. I have been skating my whole life and they are honestly the best pair that I have ever owned. Since, I can't seem to find new Nike skates, I'm looking to replace the wheels and bearings. They currently have Hyper Superlite wheels 78/82A. I'm not having any luck finding the same ones. My first question is if you know of somewhere I can get them. My next question is, I cannot find the same size, will different sizes work, such as 78/80A? I skate pavement and smooth concrete. I guess I'm just looking for your opinion on what size/hardness I should look to get. Thanks in advance!!!

Hi Megan,
   I can't find the 78mm Hyper Superlite wheel anywhere.  Are you sure you have the right size?   The 78 is the size of the wheel and the 82A is the hardness of the wheel.  So you can get any wheel you want thats 78mm or smaller.   If you like the hardness of the wheel, stick with what you have, the 82A.  That's pretty common to find.  But the combination of the 78mm 82A seems pretty rare.   

   You might want to try ebay. Sometimes you can find things there that have been discontinued.

   Good Luck, sorry I couldn't find the exact wheel for you but at least you know what size you can buy now.


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