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I am Utkarsha Parikh, from India. My daughter (14 yrs old) is doing Quad roller Skating (Artistic & Figure) since she was 6 years old. She has participated in India at the national level and won.

We are looking for a professional coach who can guide her with the correct technique, posture and skill required for figure and artisitc Quad skating.

Please guide me if you know some one in Souther part of USa who can suit my requirement

Hi Utkarsha,
   I can't give you a specific name of a coach but I can give you a rink locator that can tell you the names of the rinks in the area you are looking for.  You mentioned the Southern part of the USA.  That covers a lot of area so you would have to be more specific with a location when using the link below.

Try this web site.... it should give you an idea of the roller rinks in the area you are looking for.   Click what state you are looking for from the drop down box, then below click "skating lessons and achievement tests".

If you need any further help, please let me know.  Good Luck


Inline Skating and Roller Skating/Blading

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I feel I can answer most questions regarding the sport. I`m a registered Artistic Roller Skating Coach and have taught at various rinks for over 30 years. I coach competitive dance teams and teach anyone from the beginner skater up and through Gold Medal skaters.


I'm a certified coach and have credentials from both the Roller Skating Association International and USA Roller Sports which is recgonized by the US Olympic Committee.

I am certified through USA Roller Sports and the Rolling Skating Association International

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