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Hi Pat

I have been roller blading for several years for exercise and would like to start pursuing some level of friendly competitions. A few questions tied to this:

1. Do you know where to buy better roller blades for competition in Ontario Canada or Florida?
2. If not in these 2 locations is there any where to pursue on line?
3. Where are there roller blading competitions/ marathons?
4. What are the recommendations for training? Any specific worrkouts like the do for ruunning marathons?

Thanks for your assistance.


Hi Jim,
   If you're looking for better roller blades to wear for competition, I would suggest you stop by a roller rink in either Canada or Florida and talk to a couple of their coaches and explain to them what your plans are.  You're 2 choices for competition are speed skating and artistic skating.  Speed is, of course, a team that races against other teams.  Artistic skating is teams of 2 or individual skaters doing dances on skates and/or jumps & spins creatively to music.

   The rinks have catalogs and could find something in the price range you're looking for.  Since you're not very familiar as to what you would need for competition, they would gladly offer you their expert advice.  If you are interested in speed skating, then you would talk to a speed coach. If you would like to try artistic skating, then talk to an artistic coach.

   Do not buy skates at a sports store....they are not what you need and don't buy them online unless you know the exact skate and size that you need.  After talking to someone at the rink and you know exactly what you want and they have measured your foot......then if you think you can get a better price online, then do so.  But only if you're 100% sure of what you want and the correct size.

   Speed teams work out together on a regular basis. They have a coach that guides them and pushes them to be the best they can be.  Most rinks these days have speed teams and they compete against other local teams.  Then at the end of their skating season they have a Regional competition and if you place at Regionals they you go to the National competition.

   Artistic competition would require that you have a coach and take private lessons.  They don't compete as a team but individuals compete against other individuals at local meets.  Then like the speed competition, at the end of the season they have a Regional & National competition.  

   If you want to see Artistic skating, most rinks have lessons and practice on Saturday & Sunday mornings that you could go watch to see if it's something you'd be interested in.  Most artistic skaters wear quad skates but not all of them.  They do compete in roller blades also.

   Then find out when the speed team practices and go watch them also.  

Good luck and mostly have fun at whatever you decide

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