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In Aug. 2011, I mentioned to my Dr. that I thought I had become a little forgetful lately. He told me that a little forgetfulness is common in women my age (62 at the time) plus I had a lot going on at work and in my personal life which could be contributing factors.
In Nov. 2012, I applied for LTC insurance. I had noticed that any problems I thought I had with my memory were gone, but when the ins. company checked my records they saw I had asked about memory loss and denied my application. This summer I tried another company. With my application I sent 2 letters from my doctor & a letter from a neurologist all stating my memory was fine. I also included an explanation letter from myself. This company interviewed me on the phone and in person, giving me memory tests. Both went well, but now they have also denied me. Do you have any advice for me? My husband I own a farm and if the day should come that I go into a nursing home, we could lose it. That really scares me as my husband grew up here & I do not want to be the one to take it all away from him!! PLEASE HELP! The 2nd co. wrote me saying there were, "several instances of memory loss complaints." I say there was only one when I talked to my doctor in 2011.

Hi Mona-
Since this isn't health insurance per say, I rather doubt that the provisions of the ACA will come into play.  That being said, you could certainly file a written complaint with your state's insurance department.  With the type of coverage you are applying for though, their rules may be rather stringent.  

You may want to talk to an estate planner, to see whether putting it into a trust would protect the family assets, just in case.  Hope this helps. :)


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