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I carry comprehensive coverage on my auto policy.  My vehicle caught on fire.  The insurance company is denying the claim stating that there is an exclusion in the policy for "mechanical or electrical breakdown or failure".  Does fire come under this category?  
There is no other mention of fire in the policy.  Thank you


I am sorry to hear about your problem.

"Comprehensive" coverage is also known within the policy as "Other Than Collision" (OTC). In a standard "Personal Auto Policy" (PAP) there is a specific listing of "perils" which ARE covered for OTC and FIRE is a specific peril covered.

The exclusion that the carrier is trying to use states - "We do not pay for: 2. Damage due and confined to: c. mechanical and electrical breakdown." That exclusion is strictly intended to apply to situations where your car just breaks down on the side of the road. Throws a rod, blows a gasket, blows a fuse, etc. That is stuff that insurance is not designed for.

It does NOT apply to situations where an electrical short causes a fire which burns your car up. (It might apply IF the only damage is the electrical short caused the alternator to go out.) That is why the terms "due and confined to" are used.

Most states have a statute regarding "Fair Claims Settlement Practices" and one of the main requirements is that a carrier may NOT mis-represent the policy terms and conditions. They are on very shakey grounds right now if they are trying to deny your claim based on that particular exclusion.

Make sure they send you the reasons for the denial IN WRITING. At that point, you can contest their findings and request a re-consideration by a supervisor. If they continue to deny the claim, then you need to consider retaining an attorney.

Hope this helps.

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