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Hello Denise

I was recently in an auto accident where I was hit on the passenger side while making a left turn across an intersection. To beginning it was 10:00 pm at night when I came to the intersection trying to make a left turn. My light was a flashing yellow left turn signal so I slowed down to check to see if there was any on coming vehicles and proceeded to make my turn. Half way across I was hit. At first I assumed I was at fault for failing to see the other driver, and the police officer reported that I was at fault on his report. However, after review the video from my dash cam, it clearly shows the other driver did not have their headlights on. My question is shouldn't the other driver be at fault for not having their headlights on? Also do street lights play a factor on me being able to see the other driver? Finally my last question is will my video be accepted as evidence?

Hi Sean-
It would be advisable to contact an attorney.  If the other driver didn't have their lights on, and you can prove it, then the factor of negligence on your part would be minimal. Street lights I would imagine would play some part, but if the other driver didn't have their lights on, it could be argued that your factor of negligence was very little.  Hope this helps. :)


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