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Is it customary to only replace 1/2 of a roof after storm damage?  I have several shingles that came off my room recently in a storm and a lot of others that were lifted up.  The shingles that were lifted on the front of the house had the nails come right thru them, but on the back the nails didn't come thru, so the insurance adjuster is just adding on for labor to have them re-tar those shingles back down.  This just doesn't sound right to me or my roofer.  Is there any laws in WI to protect me on this?  Is there a matching law in WI?


Hi Betty-
I'm not aware of any matching law in Wisconsin.  If the storm only damaged a portion of the roof, then the insurance would only pay to repair that. You can ask that they have another adjuster come out to inspect that damage, but I suspect that they will find that the damage to the other shingles was sufficient to need them to be replaced.  Sorry I can't be of more help.


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